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BEST Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2020 - Buying Guide (Reviews)

If you are reading this article then you must already have an idea about kayaking, but you’re confused on choosing the right inflatable kayak that would suit your journey, isn’t it?

Well you’re at the right place my friend, with 8 years of experience I can help you to choose the right inflatable kayak, which you are going to thank me later.

How to choose the Best inflatable kayak in 2020?

Before deciding the the model you must be clear on which stream you are planning to ride the kayak on? If you’re planning to take a wild ride on flowing river then you’re going to require a sturdy Kayak whereas in a clam lake you’ll be comfortable in any inflatable kayak 2019 model.

If you are planning to ride on whitewater, rivers then I would suggest Self-Bailing Kayaks. These are best for white-waters because it drains the water that gets inside the Kayak through the small holes present at the bottom of the kayak and you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety at all.
In-case of clam lake, camping and fishing kayaks then sit on top kayas as they provide necessary storage to keep your fishing gears and other equipment.

Top Inflatable Kayak Amazon Reviews for White waters and Fishing

Key points to remember before buying an Inflatable Kayak : Reviews and Ratings

1. What purpose are you buying for?
                Choosing the right kayak is important such as whether it is for fishing or whitewater or a small lake ride.
2. What material it is made of?
                Kayaks comes with basically 3 materials such as PVC, Nitrylon – little stronger then PVC, Hypalon – the strongest of all.
3. Solo or Tandem?
                If you are either planning for solo or tandem I would strongly recommend the convertible kayas because it serves several purpose.
4. How comfortable it is?
                Choosing the right kayak is important such as whether it is for fishing or whitewater or a small lake ride.
They are good at producing the best Kayaks in the market and with top class performance there’s so much of adventure and fun guaranteed while you’re on white-water rivers. They are heavily durable and are very sturdy.

More than the sporty look their features attracts everyone such as advanced draining system for the water that gets inside the kayak while you’re on a heavy ride. The boat is sturdy at 2.5 PSI per chamber & It handles much better than a commercial ducky.

The Rover 120 uses 3 PSI for the Side Tubes & 6 PSI for the Floor. Unlike other brands this comes with Deluxe double hand pump along with the package and many more features that you can check out their official product page here at Amazon.

This kayak can handle up to class III rapids with ease, and has an automatic mechanism to drain water in whitewater and the pores closes in calm lakes. As this is a popular brand which stands no.2 in the competition compared to it’s equal rivalry companies such as Sea Eagle.

It comes with built-in aluminum ribs that can dodge the wild flow of water easily and maneuver sturdily. Pre-assembled and adjustable padded seats provide a cushion type comfort through your entire ride for hours and hours completely.

This excellent Kayak comes with heavy-duty PVC and it is literally puncture proof so you don’t have to worry about the hard rocks that’s going to interfere your ride. You can get this product at the best price at Amazon here :

This one must have been on top of our list as they’re the world class leaders in producing heavy duty whitewater rafting solo/tandem kayaks and they’re best at the business.

Suitable upto Class 3 whitewater this is a great risk tolerance kayak with seats for 2 persons on board. More than that it has got so many positive reviews on Amazon from kayak lovers which shows how much this is desired by the community.

It is quiet good at speed and you can inflate this kayak within 15 minutes and you are ready to go. The storage space provides adequate space to store the fishes and thus it is little over weighed compared to the other kayaks in the list. Buy the product here :

This is completely a unique design which is totally suitable for fishing, solo Kayaking in lake and Whitewater rafting. It has a eye catching convertible design which allows you to completely change the look and fell of the kayak. Suitable for solo and tandem kayaking with easy to convert seats.

It can hold 2 people + 1 kid. If you own a pet then this is the best bet for you. Built with heavy duty materials and sexy design this one is easy to assemble and inflates in minutes. You’d enjoy your ride and it has a long durability as seen on buyers reviews from Amazon. Get the product here :

Our Top Pick for Solo Inflatable Kayak

This one is complete a easily carry kayak as a backpack. It fits so comfortable, best bet for backpackers searching for portable and durable kayak for fishing and camping trips.

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Ample storage spaces that helps keep your important stuffs and luggage. It just inflates in less than 5 minutes and you’re ready to go.24-gauge PVC material suitable for lakes and the polyester cover material helps to stay out of punctures.

To be honest this one doesn’t self bail instead you’d drain up the water before you take it to the lake. But that doesn’t stop buyers from buying it as it has more pros than cons. Highly responsive maneuvering for people with 6′ or more tall, comfortable up to 250lbs and you’ll still have enough space and room for your legs. Get the product at best price here :

This one falls under the premium segment of inflatable kayaks for fishing and camping. It comes around 1000$ but it’s worth every penny spent for it. The excellent features you get on this kayak are PVC-coated drop-stitch floor fabric, Collapsible removable/adjustable seat, Withstand heavy fishes, Effective manual pump with pressure gauge.

You can even stand on it and use as a paddle boat and it doesn’t tip over because of it’s well designed body and sturdy body. Built with plenty of small holes to drain the water and necessary D-rings at the right places.

It has 3 scotty mounty pads and 40 oz./1000 Denier PVC tarpaulin gives you confident while travelling with kids and pets on it. You can know more about it in the Amazon website here :

Why must you choose inflatable kayaks over regular ones?

If you still haven’t made up your mind to buy the inflatable kayak then let me throw some pros of them below.

1. Lightweight and Portable

Carry it anywhere you want, even a kid could lift them up and inflate it easily. Backpackers always travel with less luggage and so these are your winning bet.

2. Storage

You can store these adventurous kayas almost anywhere in your shelves, car top, back of SUVs and they don’t take more space at all once their deflated.

3. Versatility

As they’re available in different designs and uses they can be used for adventurous activities like whitewater river rafting or a calm lake kayaking and even for fishing.

4. Speed and Security

They’re ready to be launched withing 15 minutes and they’re secured with puncture-proof PVC materials so don’t have to worry about the security. They have a very low maintenance as they’re easily washable.

5. Budget Friendly

If you are a beginner and looking for Kayaks to practice then these inflatable kayak are your right option to go for. But remember a good kayak will last longer then the cheaper ones you get for 250$.

Conclusion :

I hope you’ve made up your mind on picking the best inflatable kayak 2020 for you,also buying kayak paddles are as important as choosing the Kayaks. I suggest you stop looking for more kayaks out there and instead pick one budget friendly model from here and start conquering the waves or river