Inflatable boats for 6 people Test: The best boats in comparison

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6 person inflatable boats with motor : Large inflatables are essential, especially in the Amazon or similar jungle areas. This is not the case in Germany, but many people all over the world use rubber boats on vacation, on fishing or safari trips, in the pool, as a water island and so on. Inflatable boats are becoming more and more popular and you can see more of them floating around on the lake every summer.

Driving in an inflatable boat is a lot of fun. But what does it look like when you try out an inflatable boat for 6 people? With a fun team, it is guaranteed to be a great experience, because paddling across the water with so many people is an incomparable experience.

Especially if it is the best of friends and / or family members (or work colleagues), it will be an energetic adventure with lots of laughs. After all, you don’t experience such adventures very often; that’s a fact. Large families with many children in particular benefit from very large inflatable boats. After all, no one is excluded in this way and no one has to wait to be able to ride the rubber dinghy due to lack of space.

In addition, there is always enough space for caught fish (or other prey), provisions, equipment for the night and so on. Even if you do not have 6 people on the boat, a large boat is very useful and let’s be honest: there are no roads in the water and therefore your own vehicle can be a little pretentious. Just imagine what you could transport across the water if you owned such a boat on your own.

At the time, inflatable boats for 6 people were almost impossible to pay for, whereas today there are great offers for every budget. But what things have to be considered when planning to buy such a big boat? Are there any recommended inflatable boats for 6 people? What else is there worth knowing? All of these questions are answered in the next few lines.

Best 6 person inflatable boats with motor :

ArtSport inflatable boat gray inflatable with aluminum floor 3.80 m |  6 people |  Paddle boat including paddle, pump & bag |  Sports boat fishing boat

ArtSportInflatable boat with aluminum floor for six people

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This 380 x 170 cm inflatable boat for 6 people is particularly suitable for trips in rivers, shallow waters or on bays. Since it was categorized with a C in water travel, it also withstands waves up to 2 meters high.

In addition to the aluminum floor inflatable boat , 2 paddles, a repair kit, 2 benches, an aluminum floor and a pump are also included. So it can start immediately when the postman has brought it. Satisfied buyers praise the price-performance ratio, but complain that the floor panels could have been labeled. This would make construction easier.

advantages – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Enormous amount of space.
  • Aluminum floor.
  • 2 benches.
  • Water category C.
  • Outboard motor can optionally be installed.

disadvantage – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Setup instructions could be easier.

Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable boat set with aluminum oars and air pump with high output

IntexExcursion 5

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

At first glance, the boat looks like a small ship. Although it is designed for 5 people, 6 smaller people (e.g. children or petite women) could also fit in.

The Excursion 5 from Intex is supplied with aluminum oars , 3 inflatable benches and an inflatable floor. The buyer also gets a hand pump and a repair kit.

Satisfied buyers notice in the reviews that the material is very thick and therefore high quality. Dissatisfied users, on the other hand, complain that the processing is sometimes not successful.

advantages – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Space for 5 people.
  • Special bottom (which keeps the boat stiff).
  • Outboard motor can optionally be installed.
  • 3 inflatable benches.

disadvantage – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Accessories could be of higher quality

NEMAXX Professional inflatable boat ZB 380 cm, paddle boat for 6 + 1 people - sports boat, rowing boat, inflatable boat, fishing boat with aluminum floor and 2 benches, light gray - incl. 2 paddles and air pump

NemaxxProfessional inflatable boat for 6 + 1 people

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This inflatable boat for 6 people was also categorized with a C for coastal waters. With the dimensions of 380 x 170 x 77 cm, an aluminum floor and great workmanship, this inflatable boat from Nemaxx has a lot to offer.

Although it weighs a lot at 68.3 kg, it can easily be carried by 3 – 6 people. The scope of delivery also includes a pump, 2 aluminum paddles, repair kit and a carrying case. In addition, 2 benches are included. By the way, the manufacturer advertises that even 7 people (6 + 1) could fit on the boat. The seats are pushed in or out via plastic rails.

advantages – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • A total of 7 people can be transported.
  • Fair price.
  • High quality processing of the materials.
  • Outboard motor can be attached.

disadvantage – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Carrying bag does not look high quality

Intex motor boat inflatable boat with outboard motor + transom + paddle, pump set for 5 people complete set

Intex6 person inflatable boat with outboard motor

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

Who says you can’t buy an inflatable boat with a motor in the lower price segment? Intex demonstrates strength with this inflatable boat for 5 people including outboard motor.

The supplied inflatable electric motor delivers 420 watts and can move the boat forward with up to 178 N thrust depending on the load. In addition to the 5 forward gears, there are even 3 reverse gears. The motor works quietly and is suitable for sweet, but also salty water.

If the boat e.g. B. is only moved with half a load, the suit is of course stronger. But the engine is not everything you get with the boat. 2 paddles and a pump are also included. So you have everything you need for an adventure with up to 5 people on the water.

The dimensions are 366 x 168 cm and this Intex inflatable boat can safely transport 455 kg over the water.

Satisfied buyers praise in the reviews that the engine lasts up to 5 hours before it needs to be recharged on land.

Unsatisfied buyers criticized the space. The boat from Intex is not designed for 5 as stated, but only for an inflatable boat for 4 people .

advantages – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Fair price.
  • With outboard motor.
  • Space for up to 5 people.
  • Well-known manufacturer.

disadvantage – 6 person inflatable boats with motor

  • Depending on the state, the boat must first be approved as a motorboat.

Guide: Buy the right inflatable boat for six people

With such a large purchase, you should think very carefully about what is important to you before buying. For example, should the space available be as large as possible or are fishing brackets more important to you? Buy the right inflatable boat for 6 people and preferably for life:

The abrasion of the inflatable boat must not be too high, because if a lot of weight pushes the boat on pebbles or another hard surface (in shallow water), the material has to withstand. What about storing the boat?

For example, if you have the patience to vent the boat after every trip, you can fold it up and storage is absolutely easy. But what if the boat is to be used more often? An inflatable boat for 6 people is about 4 meters long on average. You have to consider that as well.

Keeping an inflatable boat in the water is often not a good idea in some cases. After all, the water constantly sloshes against the outer material and gradually rubs off the material. But which points are still to be considered and what is really important when buying an inflatable boat?

  • Space: Even if the manufacturer has designed his model for 6 people, it means nothing at first. For example, if the passengers are very tall or overweight, there may simply be insufficient space on a 6-man boat. This should always be kept in mind. In addition, for example, an inflatable boat for 6 Asian people could have different dimensions than an inflatable boat for 6 American people.
  • Handling: Large boats usually weigh a lot, but in some cases just too much. If the inflatable boat for 6 people on land cannot be carried or carried by 6 people, then this is quite disadvantageous in most cases.
  • Driving comfort: Some boats also have reinforced floors and / or other extras that make driving more comfortable. Likewise, not all large inflatable boats have benches that make the trip more comfortable and, above all, more practical.
  • Price-performance ratio: Just because the boat is large does not mean that it has to be expensive. Even motorized inflatable boats for 6 people are very cheap. In this case, the quality is not very high, but you always have to consider how often you want to use the boat. Trips with a large number of people are usually rare and therefore a cheap boat could also be an option for 6 person inflatable boats with motor.


As with any other product, you have to pay attention to many things when you want to avoid a bad buy. However, what these are, should be weighed individually. A lot of factors play a role and above all the expectations of the passengers. If the family glides happily over the water and has a great vacation, the investment was worth it, no matter how high it was. Hope you picked you best 6 person inflatable boats with motor.

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