Kayak Stabilizers: Guide to Choosing the Best Model

Sooner or later, it is time for all kayakers to deal with the stabilization of their boat. Obviously we are talking about who has chosen a rigid kayak , since the inflatable kayak models do not need to be stabilized. Inflatable models are meant for recreational use, and rolling and tipping usually do no harm, but are an extra opportunity for […]

The Right Sail for your Kayak: The Three Best Models

Who has never heard of kayak sailing raise your hand! The kayak sail is an accessory that is becoming increasingly popular with kayakers and canoeists, as it allows you to double the sailing distance. Like? Or alternating the paddle with the sail, or sailing on the way out of your exit, while using the paddle of the kayak or canoe as […]

The 6 Best Models of Sunbed, Deckchair, and Inflatable Sea Bag

Remember the old inflatable beach bed ? To be clear, the rectangular one, a few centimeters high, which by the way deflated immediately? If the answer is yes, very well: forget it now, and take a look at the new type of inflatable beach bed that we present in this post. If the answer is no, keep reading the same. You will discover […]

How to Maintain Kayak/Canoe Material Equipments

The winter or the maritime storms that prevent us from going out to practice our preferred fishing modality, are the ideal moments to do put to point of importance to our kayak. 1. Inspect your Kayak Helmet: The fact of leaving periodically, gives us the peace of mind that the kayak is in perfect condition, […]