Variations of Kayak Paddles and Oars for you Kayaking

The paddle is very important when paddling or paddling in kayak . It will transmit our strength to the water, and it will move us forward. It will also be vital for any maneuver sailing. The shovel is going to be for us like the slippers of the runner, the fisherman’s pole or the pillar of Nacho Vidal.

Ways to Pick the Best Kayak Paddles/Oars

Kayaking paddles there are many, and these have been mine during these years, following my evolution you will see the options when buying a shovel . All these shovels will serve you for sea kayaking, fishing, inflatable or leisure (marshes). Know them to know what you need.

Aluminum Shovel

I started with a simple shovel, which I bought in Decathlon , made of aluminum and plastic. I acquired it together with the Rotomod Ocean Duo , and left in the same lot. These are basic paddles, not recommended and you can find in kayak rental companies. Heavy and worse, unbalanced.

Aluminum kayak paddle

At first you can give equal, but when you try a better, you realize how bad it is. If you start with one of these, I recommend that it be two pieces. So the day you get a good one, this one serves as a replacement paddle.

The emergency shovel is on deck if you break or lose the good shovel in a crossing. It happens a few times, but one day you need it, checked.

Spoon Shovel

Looking for lightness I got a carbon track Roman . The spoon is very good for running in calm waters or with a surfski, but as soon as the sea moves, it gives very little confidence. The concave shape of its leaves means that the supports in the water are not safe, and that you get a scare, or directly a rollover.

roman kayak paddle

Designed to “catch” a lot of water, if you do not put them in the angle they have been designed for, they do not give you enough or support. That’s why you suffer in maneuvers or with the silly sea. That’s why I do not recommend them at all for beginners .

Shovels of SEA Kayak / Fishing

This was my shovel for a while: an Aquabound AMT Expedition, now it’s this model . I tried different shovels from my teammates and I loved it. It was built in carbon fiber with nylon coated sheets which made it very resistant. I liked very much to see how fine it was. It was not removable and I sold it, but I liked it so much that when I needed one for my girl I chose another Aquabound two-piece Eagle Ray Carbon. These are mid-range blades and have a very good price.

aquabound kayak paddle

The Werner Cascadia or Skagit was my first ergonomic shovel, and also removable. This is the most basic model of the range and it works very well. Also made with nylon, it is hard on the nose. By putting defects the splicing system of mine was rudimentary. Now they have improved it in the Skagit model.

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Pleased with the operation of the Werner blades, then his older sister Werner Camano would come with an ergo pole, looking for a shovel with a larger surface blade. I felt strong and that was the excuse. It is available all in carbon, but for not wasting I bought the most economical model. We would be talking about one of the best shovels for sea kayaking.

To say that all these shovels adapt to my low paleo style. In addition they have a surface of contained leaf so that the paleo is smooth and thus to row hours and hours.

Greenland Pala

In the middle I met, fooled and married the Greenlandic shovel . Shovels that I have built myself, and that offer different sensations when paddling. Which to choose, Greenlandic or European? In my case it depends on the situation, on the kayak, the state of the sea and the mood, but the important thing is to enjoy the variety.

At different times I use almost all the shovels that I have. I usually paleo with Greenlandic, because it offers more softness. What I like most is that you can move your hands along its length, which facilitates many maneuvers . However in double kayak always shot of the European shovel. If you do not want or do not know how to build the Greenlandic shovel, you can buy it in wood or carbon. I ended up so caught up with this type of shovel that I fell, and I bought aGearlab .

How to Choose Kayak Paddles/Shovel/Oars

After my experience I can only recommend trying a shovel before buying it . Or at least if we are going to make a large outlay. The shovels are somewhat more difficult to sell and buy in the second-hand market, compared to kayaks. It is a key element in navigation, and it can depend a lot on fatigue or potential injuries.

The first thing is to know how long we need the shovel. It is very easy to place the arm stretched and the shovel is good when we are 4-5 cm to the edge. If you are going to carry an inflatable or self-emptying kayak that is more than 80 cm wide, you should add another 5-10 cm to the distance you have calculated before. Then you have to take into account the angle.

If it is a removable blade we will be able to regulate it, but if it is one piece the angle that differentiates one side of the other should be 45 or 60 degrees. That difference can be positive or negative if you are right-handed or left-handed. Look at the drawing that the leaves are not in the same plane.

paddle holding position

The pole can be straight or ergonomic (twisted if you are brutote). The latter are supposed to punish the wrists less by allowing a better alignment of the hands when we put the shovel in the water. It may sound like a Chinese story, but the truth is that paleo with the ergo pole is more comfortable. If we do not want an aluminum pole, but we can not get to the carbon pole, we can buy a fiber pole.

Without leaving the pole some blades have a highlight on the right to improve grip. I do not recommend it, if you need it you can do a tuning to your liking with tennis tape. A foolish and important accessory is the dripper, which prevents the passage of water. It seems that no, but the hands go dry thanks to that washer what reduces that you leave the fearsome blisters.

kayak paddle blades

Now we come to the sheets, which can be (in order of quality) plastic, nylon, fiber or carbon. The shape is vital to the sensations of the shovel. If you look at the leaf it is not symmetrical, at the top it is longer than at the bottom. In addition that form and width will determine that the blade is high or low angle. In the image you will see immediately the difference of high or low paleo.

The first is more powerful, it tires you more but it makes you go more straight. The second gives you more balance (important with moving sea), lets you row more hours but you must have a tad of care so you do not change the course of the kayak.

As I told you before, I’m low paleo. If the design of your shovel accompanies your style when paddling, great. If not, you will waste your strength and you will not have so much fun. A kayak of more than 70 cm conditions the rowing and only poses a low paleo style. Finally say that the shape of the face of the leaves makes the difference of a good shovel and that is achieved with hours of research and testing.

kayak paddle size

Know that there are removable blades of three and four pieces , but they are only recommended as a spare blade. Or in the case of having an inflatable kayak and wanting to carry the shovel in the bag of all the equipment.

At Amazon they sell kayak paddles. There is a limited offer but there is, here you have it . There are very interesting models like emergency shovel. If you liked it, please recommend this article on your social networks. If you’ve been wanting more, read my tips for paddling in kayak .

Finest Fish Finder GPS Probe to use while Kayak Fishing

Are you tired of throwing your fishing rod in the kayak, praying for even the slightest sign of a dive? Remember those days. Fortunately, there is a small practical tool that you may know, aptly called the “fish finder or fish finder”.

It would be easy to think that all kayak fishing probes work in the same way, however, with a recent increase in fish search technology, there are many different options to find fish that fit your fishing habits.

To help reduce these options, we have compiled a list of the best kayak 2018 fishing probes. We will help you find the one that best suits you so you can concentrate on getting your big catch! Also, you could check the latest best inflatable kayak collection on our home page.

kayak fish finder gps combo

Best Fish Finder GPS Probe to use your Kayak

When fishing in kayak, there are some factors to consider when looking for a good fish finder.

A technically advanced sonar reading (83/200 kHz is pretty standard and will give you a clear reading).

You want a model that comes with a transducer, it’s much easier to set up a fish finder that already comes with the built-in transducer.

A model that fits your kayak, some kayaks have an arc or curve, in which some probes do not fit well.

An easy to use screen, some of these features include: anti reflective for sunlight, waterproof housing, divided screens, different accessories, integration of smart phones).

A model that has additional features (good background tracking, water temperature, display of battery life).

In addition, most kayaks do not come with a fish finder, in which case, you will want a portable fishing tube for your activities.

kayak fish finder probe

Benefits of Portable probes over FIXED Probes:

Portable fishing probes offer more variability, if you do not like the probe you have in your kayak, you can easily change it for a laptop.

The portable fish finders can take them where you want: to the river, to the port, to the fishing in ice … the possibilities are endless !.

Some portable fishing probes will synchronize with your mobile phone, which will make it more convenient and keep your fishing tackle box lit.

Portable fish finders are ultimately beneficial in helping you locate fish wherever you are, but for kayak fishing, the results are tremendous.

8 BEST Fishing probes to use while kayak fishing with reviews:

1) Garmin Sonar CHIRP Striker 4 with GPS

While the Garmin brand is enough to take a second look, its Striker 4 probe is up to the full range of brands offered by the market.

It has an extremely easy-to-use interface, with a 3.5-inch full-color screen, CHIRP sound and a 77/200 kHz transducer. It also comes with a built-in GPS, which allows you to establish reference points, navigate routes and mark different structures, such as wrecks, rock piles or any underwater obstruction.

garmin gps for kayak fishing

The Striker 4 probe comes with a double display capability to set two screens side by side. This allows you to easily see your way point map and reader on the same screen, or see the 77 and 200 kHz signals together for a more complete reading underwater.

At an extremely low price, the Striker 4 probe is ahead of the market and offers most of the features we loved in the highest priced options. This is one of the most popular models for beginners and experienced fishermen, and we can easily see why.

2) HawkEye Fishtrax 1C

The HawkEye Fishtrax 1C probe has recently become a very popular fish search option, and it is one of our favorites. This fish finder, the size of a smartphone, easily fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a floating transducer, troll and mountable on the boat, which makes it ultra portable.

The Hawkeye Fishtrax 1C is comparable to the Garmin Striker 4 probe in size, function and metric. It features a 83/200 kHz transducer, 100-level sensitivity adjustment and automatic zoom background tracking to adjust your reading in shallow or deep water.

The key to this probe to fish in kayak is its simplicity, it has 3 easy-to-use modes that give you a quick and concise reading when you need it. Specifically, the digital flashing light in Ice Mode makes this product perfect for use in several seasons, including ice fishing.

If you’re still not convinced, the HawkEye probe has a 2-year warranty to make sure that they take care of your product as much as they manufacture it.

3) LUCKY Fish Finder (FF718LIC)

The LUCKY ff718lic probe is an excellent low-priced option for those looking for a simple and reliable fish finder. It has a LED screen readable in sunlight, and it is very easy to operate, like the first two options.

While the model of the LUCKY brand may not look as elegant as some of the other options, it is a workhorse when it comes to fishing. It has a depth reading of 1 meter up to 70 meters deep, which is perfect for the mid-level fisherman, even from a kayak. It has a sensitivity setting of 100 levels and a depth range of several levels, a lower contour and a water temperature indicator.

The LUCKY also has a sonar frequency of 83/200 kHz and an average battery life comparable to the first two options. In general, this makes it an excellent option to fish from the kayak.

4) Deeper 4779032950244 Smart Sonar Pro

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + probe is the perfect choice for those who want a super light, portable and wireless option. The fish finder Deeper Smart looks for fishing without problems in a smartphone or tablet interface, without being tied to it. And for those who do not have an iPhone or Android, it does not matter, they work on all platforms.

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + is really a portable probe. While the battery life is not ideal, 5.5 hours of continuous use, its other characteristics make it a strong competitor for the best fish finder. Floats easily in fresh and salt water, and provides a good background layout.

deeper pro fish finder gps kayak probe

In essence, the Deeper Smart probe was created to help find the best places to fish. The most unique feature of this is its ability to tie the fish finder with the fishing line, launch and receive a scan of the entire area between you and the end of your line. This will allow you to see in which direction to cast the fishing rod, how far and how deep the fish are. This feature alone makes the product worthwhile for us.

For those looking for smaller add-ons, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + app comes with a fishing log, diary and maps.

In general, this is a great option for those looking for a more recent version of the discovery of fish. Use recent technology to improve the fishing experience, and it works as well as any of the traditional probes on our list.

5) Humminbird Fishin Buddy MAX

The Humminbird Fishin Buddy MAX probe is different than any other fish finder we have on our list. It is ultra portable, with the ability to use in a kayak, boat, harbor or floating tube. It has no screws involved, because it uses an easy and secure mounting bracket to hold the transducer and display the anchor of your choice.

This model has a sonar frequency of 200/455 kHz, which provides an extremely clear reading like the other models. It goes to a depth of 70 meters and has a battery life of 30 hours too. The screen comes in black and white, however, this did not affect our performance, since the screen was legible in sunlight and had a rather large size of 3.5 “.

From our experience, the Humminbird Fishin Buddy MAX is the perfect probe for those looking for an extremely portable option, without having to rely on the integration of Wi-Fi or smartphones.

6) Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro

The Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro is the largest model on our list, however, it is by far the most functional and impressive of the options on our list and we just had to include it.

First let’s talk about the resolution, it features a retro-illuminated 4-inch high-definition LED display for all weather, but it also comes in 5 “and 7” models for those with larger boats. It has a high contrast and color screen, as well as an anti-fog union.

fish finder probe

Internally, it gets even better. The probe features a wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision and a traditional CHIRP sonar. The first creates an extremely detailed and clear resolution image, and the second allows unparalleled deep water performance up to 180 meters deep.

Raymarine also has an application: called Wi-Fish, to transmit live sonar data through a smartphone. This application allows you to pause, extend and rewind probe data on any smartphone or tablet. It also incorporates an accessory for social networks that allows you to display your prize capture on your social networks.

In short, the Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro has all the features that any fisherman wanted to make this purchase.

7) Vexilar SP200 T-Box Smartphone

The Vexilar brand had a great idea when they developed the idea of ​​their product, turn your smartphone into a fishing tube. The SP200 T-Box follows this idea, creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot to turn your smartphone or tablet into a fully operational fish search sonar.

This fish finder comes with pre drilled holes, which offers many accessories or options to mount in any kayak. The Wi-Fi access point ensures that the Vexilar works anywhere in the world, and the application is very easy to use.

The main attraction of this probe for fishing in kayak is not, surprisingly, the internal characteristics, but rather its portability. It comes with a neoprene bracelet so your phone saves you the headache of riding and securing your fish finder every time you use it. With the sonar reaching a depth of 70 meters depth, the water temperature and the depth indicator, and the audible alarms for the fish, the specifications are not bad either.

The Vexilar is made for easy and fast use, and finds its place among customers who are looking for a very portable option synchronized with the smartphone.

8) Lowrance Hook-4 Sonar / GPS Mid / High / Downscan

The Lowrance Hook-4 has all the features that we love in a probe to fish with the kayak. With a 4-inch screen, a simple interface and split screen functions, finding fish with this model is very easy. It has CHIRP sonar plus downscan, which gives you a complete picture and a surprising resolution on your color screen. It has an 83/200 kHz and 455/800 kHz transducer for processing ultra-sharp images, and can reach 300 meters deep at 83/200 kHz.

The Hook-4 probe also has an Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) function, which reduces the need for manual adjustments when trying to find fish. This finally allows you to focus on the finding, instead of the fine adjustment.

The transducer is extremely easy to assemble, and with a 4-inch screen, the Lowrance Hook-4 is big enough to split into 3 screens at once, without being too bulky to ride in a small fishing kayak.

With built-in GPS and pre-installed maps, this unit is ultimately perfect for those looking to intensify their fishing game with a very reliable and highly technical fish finder.

What probe should i buy while doing kayak fishing?

Of all the fishing probes on the market, which is the most suitable for you?

We have reduced a few, but here are our favorites, depending on what you are looking for.

Best Kayak Fishing Tube (General) : Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro.

Of all the probes we have tested, the Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro was above the rest. He had an almost unrivaled technical capacity and many characteristics that made us choose it over the others.

Best Budget Fishing Probe: Garmin Striker 4.

We could not believe the price of the Garmin Striker 4 when we saw what it could do. With ease of use, excellent features and compatibility with other Garmin products (not to mention a very low price), we believe that the Garmin Striker 4 probe fits the needs of any fisherman.

Best Fishing Probe with  many Features: Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus probe

Our favorite toy to fish was the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus, since we had to scan the area around us before we went fishing. This fish finder seamlessly integrated with our smartphones, and we loved playing with the add-ons in the application as well.


Finally, we enjoyed using all these probes in our kayak, and we felt that with a little skill, any of these could help you get the perfect capture.

Let us know which one you use in the comments below!