How to use a Fish Stringer on a Kayak

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how to use a fish stringer on a kayak : Whether you are by boat, kayak or float-tube, it is always practical to have a fish stringer on board. Find out how to quickly make a floating stinger at a lower cost. Also check inflatable kayak amazon.

Why to use a fish stringer on a kayak :

I fish almost exclusively with lure and I put all my catch back in the water, however I often find that when we release a perch or a pike perch directly after the catch, the stressed fish returns to its bench where it sows panic. Result, it becomes more suspicious or worse the school moves and we lose the fish. That’s why I use the basket in which I put my catch on the way and I release them before changing spots

Live for catfish

The second reason I need a floating hamper is for live catfish fishing . Sometimes the catfish only bite alive and in this case I need a place to store my bait. On a small boat, a kayak or a float tube, it is difficult to keep them in a container on board. It is heavy and especially the life of the alive and reduced without oxygen pump. This is why the floating basket is the best solution in this scenario. It is not bulky and it keeps the fish in good condition. Kayak fish finder.


To start, I went to buy a classic hamper at my retailer, I chose model of 1.50 meters deep for 30 centimeters in circumference.

Then I took a tube of PVC foam to insulate the pipes, some serflexes and a small piece of end.

The assembly

This step and really simple, we cover the entire first hoop of the hamper with PVC foam.

Then we use the serflex to fix the foam tube around the arch, we start with one end,

then we do the second and there is more to put in between to fix the foam.

Finally I fix a end on the hamper so that I can attach it to my kayak or my float tube.

The basket cost me $8, for the PVC, the serflexes and the tip I did not spend more than $2, this floating basket therefore costs me $10 and 5 minutes of DIY.

Hope you found how to use a fish stringer on a kayak!

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