10 Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder 2020 & Mounts

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Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder : To find the perfect place for fishing, a fish finder can be very handy. The little helper provides some valuable information about what is happening in the water and the nature of the soil. The fish finder emits ultrasonic waves via a so-called transmitter. The latter consists of a special crystal, which should be of high quality in order to always deliver exact results. It emits the sound waves to the water to the bottom. Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder recognizes exactly where the fish are. Also check Inflatable Kayak fish finder gps probe 2020.

The angler can then adjust his position and ideally improve his catch quota. There are many different fish finders, so it is not so easy to keep track and find the perfect model for your own purposes.

In the following guide, we present some very popular designs and also discuss their advantages and disadvantages. So all interested parties can find their way around faster. The lower part of the guide will certainly help you by explaining which points are important when buying such a device.

Fish finders were originally developed for shipping. Today, on the other hand, they are used very often in fishing. Because they are able to display the underwater conditions that are otherwise hidden from the user.

The best Inflatable Boat Fish Finder

LUCKY Wireless Portable Fish Finder Sonar Fishing Portable Wireless Fish Finder Depth Gauge Fishing Accessories Carp for the Sea ICE Kayak Boat Fishing

LuckyWireless fish finder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The fish finder from Lucky can localize the fish to a depth, measure the water depth and the water depth and recognize the bottom contour. It has a range of 100 meters, which is a pretty solid value. The fish finder is kept in a simple design and has a 7.1 cm LCD display.

The angler can easily throw this fish finder into the water from the shore. It then shows the water depth and any fish echoes. The device can be used in both salt water and fresh water. Another advantage is the easy handling. The fish finder only has to be switched on and is then ready for immediate use.

Unfortunately there is only an English manual. For one user, the fish finder only correctly displayed the values ​​up to a depth of three meters.


  • Range of 100 meters.
  • Displays many useful values.
  • 7.1 cm LCD
  • Display.
  • Suitable for salt water and fresh water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good recipient.


  • No German instructions.
  • For a buyer, the device only worked properly to a depth of three meters.

Deeper START smart fish finder - lightweight wireless WiFi fish finder for shore anglers

Deeperbegin – Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #2

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The Deeper START smart fish finder scans the surroundings under water to a depth of 50 meters. All results are saved and can be called up later. The fish finder is fairly light, compact and wireless. The battery life is an average of six hours.

The device is suitable for both casual anglers and professionals. The fish finder works with smart technology and therefore does not need any mobile data or any other internet. Instead, the user can download and install an easy-to-use and free app to identify the location of the fish, the depth of the water and also the bottom. The device is compatible with most popular Android and iOS devices.

Sometimes the device shows somewhat inaccurate values.


  • Stores all important values.
  • Light and compact.
  • Wireless.
  • Suitable for both casual anglers and professionals.
  • Smart technology.
  • Free app.
  • Compatible with most Android and iOS devices.


  • Values ​​are sometimes displayed somewhat inaccurately.

Longruner Fishing Finder Portable Wireless Sonar Sensor Fish Attractor and Fish Gear with Colorful Display

Longruner – Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #3

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The Longruner Fishing Finder Portable Wireless Sonar Sensor Fish Finder works with radio and has a rechargeable sonar sensor. He can explore the area for fishing at depths of up to 79 meters.

The LED color display provides very good pictures and allows reading even in the dark. The angler will find a lot of important information on the screen, such as the prevailing water temperature, the location of the fish, the depth of the water and the sensor performance display. When the finder is placed in the water, it turns off to be automatic.

The echo sounder only worked for a buyer for a few days and was then defective. In addition, hardly any value can be recognized on the display in strong sun. The description could be a little more detailed.


  • Rechargeable sonar sensor.
  • Scans depths up to 79 meters.
  • With LED color display.
  • Automatic switch-on when in contact with water.
  • Sensor performance display.
  • Compact.


  • The echo sounder of a buyer was quickly defective.
  • The display is dazzling when the sun is strong.
  • Not particularly detailed description.

Deeper PRO PLUS smart fish finder - wireless WiFi fish finder with built-in GPS for shore anglers

DeeperPro + – Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder GPS Probe #4

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This model from Derper has the world’s first ejectable sonar with an integrated GPS. The fish finder can be used from the shore or from the boat to find fish and recognize the bottom. The live data can be seen on the display.

The device convinces with a stable and in most cases also reliable connection. The large range of 100 meters is also an advantage. The fish finder carries out up to 15 scans per second and thus delivers very precise results. Among other things, it is also suitable for boat fishing and can be set up and put into operation very quickly.

Boat fishing: set up in seconds, no cables or batteries required, smooth trolling, boost mode GPS mapping to find the best spots

A user reports that the WiFi connection breaks off now and then.


  • World’s first ejectable sonar with integrated GPS.
  • Can be used from the shore or from a boat.
  • Live data on the display.
  • Stable and mostly reliable connection.
  • 15 scans per second.
  • Also suitable for boat fishing.
  • Fast assembly (ready to use).


  • With a buyer, the connection is not always stable.

Garmin Striker Plus 4 Chirp-Fishfinder Striker Plus 4 Chirp-Fishfinder, Black, OneSize, 0753759184162

GarminFish finder Striker Plus 4

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This fish finder from Garmin allows easy navigation under water. Among other things, the user can recognize a speed indicator on the display and see where the fish are. In addition to the device itself, the scope of delivery includes a tilt / swivel bracket and a CHIRP sensor.

The Striker Plus 4 fish finder makes finding fish very easy. The angler can mark suitable fishing spots, slip facilities and docks in order to visit them again later. Another advantage is the integrated sonar display.

The only disadvantage is the comparatively high price.


  • Easy navigation under water.
  • Speed ​​display.
  • Makes fish hunting easier.
  • Integrated echo sounder display.


  • Comparatively expensive.

Kupet Fish Finder Sonar Underwater Waterproof Electronic Wireless Portable Fish Finder Depth Fish Finder with Colored LCD Display

Kupet – Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #6

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This smart fish finder from Kupet works with a wireless signal. It can help discover hidden fish locations, such as under docks, in rivers or in deep water. In addition to the Finder, the scope of delivery includes a USB cable and a manual.

The angler can see all the important data on the very clear LED display. The fish finder delivers very accurate results at depths of up to 78 meters and makes finding fish a lot easier. The display also shows the water temperature, depth and battery level of the sensor. Another advantage of this fish finder is its light weight.

Unfortunately there is no German manual. A customer also criticized that the device does not always display all values.


  • Wireless.
  • Also discovers hidden whereabouts of fish.
  • Very clear LED display.
  • For depths up to 78 meters.
  • Makes it easier to find fish.
  • Light weight.
  • Sensor has power display.


  • No instructions in German.
  • Not all values ​​are displayed for a customer.

Lowrance 000-14013-001 Hook2, fish finder, 10.92 cm (4.3 inch) black

LowranceHook 2 – Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #7

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This fish finder from Lowrance has a 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. The scope of delivery includes the device, a holder, a transducer and instructions, ´.

The HOOK2 4x Bullet is a fairly simple fish finder. This means that even laypeople can find their way around quickly. All functions are clearly recognizable and the menu is clear. Also on board is a practical wide-angle broadband sonar solution that makes finding fish even easier.

The echo sounder can weaken somewhat in strong waves.


  • 4.3 inch display.
  • Simple fish finder.
  • Clear menu.
  • Wide angle broadband sonar solution.


  • Strong waves can irritate the sonar.

Deeper CHIRP + Smart Sonar - wireless, portable, GPS fish finder and depth finder, onshore or offshore, fresh water or salt water

DeeperFish finder Chirp +

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The Deeper CHIRP + Smart Sonar can be ejected up to 100 meters and scans the water to a depth of 100 meters. The device is developed and manufactured in Europe. It is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Since the fish finder works without a cable, it can be easily transported. The echo sounder has a built-in GPS and makes searching for fish a lot easier. To use the device, the angler only needs to connect it to their smartphone via Wi-Fi. Another advantage is the compact design of this fish finder. It is only about the size of a tennis ball and weighs only 90 grams.

Every now and then there is a transmission interruption. In addition, this device is also quite expensive.


  • 100 meter range.
  • 100 meters diving depth.
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Small and compact.
  • Sonar with GPS.


  • Occasional interruption of transmission.
  • Quite expensive.

LUCKY Fishfinder Fish Finder 100M / 328ft Portable Fishing Sonar Sensor Wired LCD Depth Finder Sonar

Lucky 100M – Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #9

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The LUCKY Fish Finder 100M determines the water depth, the approximate location of the fish and also detects weeds, sand and stones on the bottom. It can be used very versatile and is therefore suitable for fishing, ice fishing, sea fishing and also deep sea fishing.

The transducer is connected to a cable and a float. This fish finder works very reliably down to a depth of 98 meters. It is also very practical that he can also specify the value in feet. Other useful functions of this device are a battery saving mode, a fish alarm and a backlight. The manufacturer grants buyers a guarantee of twelve months.

The battery compartment is difficult to open and had a loose contact with a buyer.


  • Determines the water depth.
  • The approximate location of the fish.
  • Also detects weeds and stones on the bottom.
  • Versatile use.
  • Maximum depth of 98 meters.
  • Has battery saver mode.
  • Fish alarm.
  • Backlight.
  • 12 months guarantee.


  • The battery compartment is difficult to open and had a loose contact with a buyer.

Lixada fish finder underwater ice fishing camera 4,3'LCD monitor 8 infrared IR LED night vision camera 140 ° wide angle 15M / 30M 1000TVL

Lixada – Inflatable Boat Fish Finder #10

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This fish finder from Lixada is available in two different versions. It has a 4.3-inch LCD color screen with a very practical sun visor and therefore always delivers clear images even on very sunny days.

The device illuminates the floor very precisely and is easy to use. It makes a high-quality impression and makes finding fish easier. This fish finder can also be used in very cold weather conditions. Some customers are enthusiastic about the good camera.

A user states that the display does not remain in the holder. It also shows only green and yellow pictures. Since this is certainly a production fault, the manufacturer should be contacted. Another disadvantage is the rather simple instructions.


  • Available in two versions.
  • 4.3 inch LCD color screen with very practical sun visor.
  • Illuminates the floor very precisely.
  • Easy handling.
  • Can also be used in very cold weather conditions.
  • Very good camera.


  • The display had a loose connection with one user and did not provide clear images.
  • Quite simple instructions.

LUCKY fish finder boat sonar wireless 300M / 980ft 90 degree beam angle 8.9 cm color TFT LCD work with bait boat

LuckyFishfinder sonar

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The wireless fish finder from Lucky has a range of 300 meters and a depth of 100 meters. In most cases, it provides a stable signal and the 8.9 cm color LCD display provides very good pictures in any weather.

The fact that this device can be set in German is very advantageous. The fish finder only has to be switched on and is then ready for immediate use. Also on board is a very good radio echo sounder, which makes the search for fish even easier. The price-performance ratio of this device is excellent. The camera delivers high quality pictures and all necessary cables are included.

Unfortunately, this fish finder is not always available. It was delivered defective to a customer.


  • Range of 300 meters.
  • Diving depth of 100 meters.
  • 8.9 cm LCD color display.
  • Adjustable in German.
  • Can be used immediately after switching on.
  • Very good radio echo sounder.
  • Fair price.


  • Not always available.
  • Has been delivered defective to a customer.

Guide: buy the right fish finder

When buying a fish finder, there are a few points to consider, which we will now introduce in more detail.

Frequency range

Which frequency range should be selected depends primarily on where you fish and what the angler needs. If you mainly want to find certain predatory fish in local lakes and rivers, you can only use a fish finder with a jet, a so-called singing beam. If, for example, he is also looking for cod, flatfish or saithe in deep water, a device is required that not only extends in width, but above all also in depth.

A high frequency range basically means that rather short waves are put into the water. Ideally, these are reflected by obstacles and then picked up and evaluated again by the device.

The angler then sees the result on the display and then knows where fish are, how deep and how cold the water is, and also receives information about the nature of the bottom. The longer the wavelength, the better the pictures. A fish finder that offers 200 kHz, for example, not only provides very precise data, but also shows, for example, whether the ground is flat or rocky.

Transmit power

Another important purchase criterion when buying a fish finder is of course the transmission power. Here, the anglers can follow a simple rule of thumb. The higher the transmission power (in watts), the more details are shown on the display. Very good models have values ​​between 500 and 4,500 watts. Of course, this is also reflected in the price, in contrast to weaker devices. Nevertheless, savings should not be made in the wrong place.

Because the clearer the pictures, the higher the chances of catching them. This is especially true in the event that people often fish in cloudy waters. Very weak models could then no longer clearly show whether it is a fish or just a part of the plant. Therefore, the transmission power should be as high as possible.

Display and presentation

Most fish finders have an LCD display. Nevertheless, there are sometimes quite big differences. In order to be able to recognize all details very precisely, the monitor should have the highest possible resolution and good contrast.

In addition, sun protection is an advantage, so that you can still read all values ​​on very sunny days. Black and white displays should also have a large number of so-called gray levels.

Stationary or mobile?

There are stationary and mobile fish finders. The former are attached directly to a boat. From its underside, it emits ultrasound waves to the water and generally delivers very good results. After all, it is located directly above the water and there are fewer disturbances.

A mobile fish finder, on the other hand, is very practical for anglers who do not have their own boat. The difference is that such a device sends the ultrasonic waves over the water. So you have to bridge a piece of air and sometimes deliver slightly worse pictures.

But this cannot be said in general. There are also some very good mobile fish finders, which also give very good results and are by no means hidden behind the stationary versions.

Side imaging

A very practical function that many fish finders bring with them is so-called side imaging. With this technology, the device can not only look down, but also sees everything to the left and right of it.

As a result, such a fish finder provides precise images through a large viewing angle. However, the results of such a device are also somewhat more difficult to read. The angler should therefore have some experience if he wants to use such a fish finder.


A Portable Inflatable Boat Fish Finder can help find fish, even if they are in hidden areas in the water. In order to find the perfect model for your own purposes, the points described above should be observed.

A high-resolution display is very important so that every detail can be recognized very precisely. A distinction is made between mobile and stationary fish finders. The latter are permanently installed on a boat, while the former can be used flexibly.

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