10 Inflatable Kayaking Safety Tips Before Going out to Sea 2020

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Inflatable Kayaking Safety Tips : We cannot rush if we try to go out to sea with a canoe or inflatable Kayak . Any precaution is little since the weather can change at any time. Weather, wind, and sea conditions can become one of our worst nightmares. We must be prepared and have the right materials, especially if we are beginners or beginners, and it is our first time with a light boat such as an inflatable Canoe .

inflatable kayaking for beginners

Safety Tips for Inflatable Kayaking :

  1. Watch the weather. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. Do not go sailing in bad weather or poor visibility. Be aware that the wind and the sea can change abruptly on the coast.
  2. Check the tide times and learn about the dominant currents in the area. Study the possible difficulties of the itinerary to follow and look for alternative emergency routes.
  3. Respect the prohibited areas for navigation. Respect other users whether they are fishermen, bathers or super-oil tankers. We must avoid the risk of collision. We should never assume that the other boat has seen us and will maneuver properly.
  4. Keep in mind the hours of sunlight . Avoid going out at sunset; if any problem arises, night will fall, and if you are not properly equipped it will be very difficult to find you.
  5. Do not stray unnecessarily from the coast . Respect the bathing areas: 200 meters in the bathing area and 50 meters in the rest of the coastline. Use the marked channels if there are any.
  6. Use protection against the cold: Wetsuit, thermal and water-resistant t-shirt, raincoat with cuffs, neoprene collar and reflective bands, booties with soles, waterproof bag with dry clothes for replacement, thermos with hot drink …
  7. Carry your life vest , bathtub cover, audible signal, signal mirror, portable or stationary bilge pump, flashlight, knife, tow rope, nautical chart, chemical lights, water, and some high-power food nutritious.
  8. Don’t surf alone . Do it in company. In group it is more fun and safer (minimum 3 kayak). Maintain sound and / or visual contact with your traveling companions and explain your departure to someone so they can sound the alarm if you delay your arrival.
  9. In case of an accident, never leave your canoe trying to swim the beach. Get in the canoe (even if it is overturned) and make signs raising and lowering your arms with the paddle slowly, use all the signals you carry (flares, whistle …) to attract attention. Avoid the loss of your shovel by holding it with an elastic. Don’t overestimate your strength.
  10. It uses canoes with watertight chambers that close hermetically and with sufficient buoyancy in the bow and stern, with lifelines, with a reliable safety ring to be towed in the bow. Avoid the loss of objects from your equipment by tying them with elastics and ropes. Use bold colors on your paddle, canoe and clothing. Mark your kayak and your material with your contact address or telephone number.

Codes and signs for Inflatable Kayaking beginners

  1. Sound signals (whistle, horn, screeches, exceptionally white flares): a short whistle signal, ” ATTENTION “. Immediately look at the person who has issued the signal, and look at the visual signals.
  2. A raised arm: ” RE-GROUPING ” (this signal can be reserved for the leader of the group. Everyone should go where the leader is, including those who are ahead).
    – «Follow me, this is the way»
    – «Come, I need help», «emergency» (a paddler in the water makes this signal, keeping the paddle upright, repeatedly moving it from one side to the other).
  1. ” STOP “: a long whistle blast. Keep the blade horizontal above the head: “Wait for me” (can be done by any member of the group, for example, a paddler behind)
    – “stop, stop shoveling” (when done by the paddler who is the first to stop the group , for example, in case of any difficulties, or to prevent wildlife)
    – “danger, stay away from me” (if the leader of the group then points with the shovel or the arm to the right or left, shovel in that direction and wait new signs).
  2. « SOCORRO «: A continuous whistle. Keep the shovel horizontal and move it repeatedly between the head and the bath: «Mayday», urgent help or inform the rescue services. (This signal means the same as flares or chemical lights. This is an internationally recognized signal, slowly raise and lower your outstretched arms. Make this signal only in case of extreme need, that no one in the group can help you and that you cannot use any from the above help signals.).

These are all the tips you must remember before starting your Inflatable kayaking out to the sea. I’m providing other few tips for inflatable kayak beginners which will be useful.

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