Most 5 Essential Kayak Accessories / Gear during Kayaking/Canoeing

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The creek kayak is one of the most demanding modalities in canoeing. It is usually done in hard and isolated environments where any inconvenience that may arise must be solved by the team members.

Now that the rivers are at optimum levels after a spring in which a lot of snow has accumulated, I thought it convenient to remember the necessary kayak accessories to practice creek kayaking. It is a complete revision that does not guarantee that nothing happens but we will be prepared in the best possible way to solve possible incidents.

Seeing this image many will have thought, where is this with so much pileup! that is going to sink! It is true that when you go down the river of all life next to home many things can be left over, but if we are going to make a serious decline I think that at least some of the members of the exit must carry everything shown . Experience has taught me that there may be some situations in which it is necessary to use all of the above simultaneously.

We will analyze some of the elements shown to justify its usefulness:

kayak accessories

Rescue rope:

No one doubts the usefulness of the rescue rope and its use is very effective in many types of rescue. It should not be worn or used if the corresponding training has not been received as it can become a danger for the paddler. They are suitable for rappelling but very few that allow it and you have to look carefully before using it for it.

It is important to remember that you should not carry a safety rope if we do not carry a knife in our equipment.

Rescue material:

Included in the rescue material are the carabiners, pulleys, belts and cables needed to assemble a simple hoist. They can be used, for example, for unloading a kayak.

Waterproof box:

It is convenient to carry a waterproof box or airtight container to carry water-sensitive items such as the emergency kit, a front (we will not be the first to be caught at night in a descent) and a telephone. When choosing the phone it is convenient that it be aquatic and take it on to speed up its use in case of stress.


The vest is an element that can save our lives and it is important that it is in good condition. A very old vest loses buoyancy , it can tear and the closures do not go fine.

In addition to giving us buoyancy serves to carry safety accessories like the knife, the silvato, and the hunt .

Detachable shovel:

Why carry a removable shovel if it occupies and weighs too much? this question is answered only if we have lost the shovel at the bottom of a canyon without access and mandatory exit by rapid obstruction. So to carry it with her.

I could extend defining other elements such as the safety of the kayak (which carries buoyancy, etc) but I assume that the paddler who is going to do a descent of difficulty already knows them.

On the other hand I leave for another article the right clothes for creek because it is a very broad topic because of the different possibilities that there are.

I hope you enjoy a lot with the water that comes and remind you that one of the pillars of safety in the river is to master the navigation technique.

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