Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak 2020

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Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak : The sun is shining and the water is sparkling. The fish plucks the worm and the angler opens a cool beer. Now it’s best to use both hands if you want to take a break from fishing. But what to do with the fishing rod?

Surely you could just put them on your lap and hope that no fish will bite during this time. Quite unusual if you think about this scenario. After all, the fish could pull the whole rod into the water and it would be quickly over with the oh so beautiful adventure. Sometimes you will find excellent rubber kayak for anglers, but they lack a rod holder.

Where can you attach it to an inflatable kayak? Usually there is always a suitable position or you have to get a little creative yourself. Some of the best rod holders are presented below so that you have a small overview. You can be inspired, think about it and maybe even choose one of them. Especially nowadays it is not easy to choose one of the numerous inflatable rod holders on the market.

Since the inflatable kayak boom a few years ago, more and more companies have specialized in the manufacture of inflatable kayaks and utensils for water sports. The layman is also unlucky in this segment or lucky enough to have to choose between thousands of models. But what should you pay special attention to in an inflatable kayak rod holder? This question is easy to answer: the grip strength.

If the rod or rod holder itself cannot be firmly anchored , the package will land in the water. This would be fatal in a deep lake, because then you will never see your fishing rod again. In the case of a professional fishing rod that cost several hundred euros, that would be an absolute horror film. Therefore, the inflatable kayak rod holder should be able to provide solid and, above all, stable arguments.

If, for example, in forums or reviews it is increasingly claimed that an inflatable kayak rod holder is not doing what it is supposed to, it would probably be appropriate to look at another model. So if you are looking for an inflatable rod holder, you should not save money with this inflatable accessory. Saving at the wrong end would not only be meant literally here, because inflatable kayak rod holders are usually attached to the outboard motor device. Also check Inflatable boat fish finder.

Best Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak :

PLUSINNO fishing boat rod holder with large pliers opening 360 degrees adjustable fishing rod racks hinged holder

Plusinno Inflatable kayak rod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

If you do not know what it is, you would not be able to guess as a layman that they are rod holders. These look very similar to sights for sports rifles.

The two inflatable rod holders from PLUSINNO are made from an environmentally friendly material, which is also immune to corrosion. The two rod holders can be rotated 360 ° and offer a firm grip.

The inclination can also be adjusted. Both brackets together, including packaging, weigh just under 1.1 kg. Satisfied users write in the comments that they like the completely freely adjustable angle. Negative comments, however, reveal that the grip strength is not optimal.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #1

  • You get two inflatable rod holders.
  • Angle is freely adjustable.
  • Fair price.
  • Environmentally friendly material.


  • Grip strength could be better.
360 degree kayaks inflatables fishing boat rod holder fishing rod holder

MagiDeal360 degree kayak and inflatable fishing rod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

If you see the part in the fishing shop, you think you have landed in the Army Story, because the 360 ​​degree rod holder from MagiDeal is reminiscent of a sniper rifle utensil. In this example, the two accessories probably even play a similar role, because depending on the direction in which the hinge is pointing, the higher the probability of hitting a hit. This inflatable kayak rod holder is made entirely of nylon and offers the user a 360 ° angle adjustment.

If you don’t feel like holding your fishing rod all the time, you can entrust it to this rod holder. He will not automatically take the fish out of the water (who wants that), but he will hold the rod while you treat yourself to a pipe. The installation is quick according to the manufacturer’s description.

The dimensions of the underside of the holder are 15.4 x 11.5 cm, the total length being 23.5 cm and the diameter 4 cm. Satisfied buyers write in the comments that the installation with a hot air gun works best. Negative reviews reveal that the rod holder does not hold well on some kayaks. Of course, the rod holder must also be suitable for the respective inflatable kayak model.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #2

  • Nylon material.
  • Adjustable in all directions.
  • Permanent attachment (very suitable for inflatable kayaks).
  • Cheap price.


  • Permanent attachment is impractical for inflatable kayaks that are frequently to be transported.

Uketaro GB Daiichiseiko inflatable rod holder from Japan for gluing

DaiichiseikoInflatable kayak rod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

If you compare the design of this rod holder with that of most others, a big difference becomes clear. In this case, the fastening method has been optimized for inflatable kayaks.

After all, some inflatables do not offer a suitable place to mount a regular rod holder. The Japanese manufacturer Uketaro GB has recognized this gap in the market and has successfully closed this product. The installation is quite interesting because you glue the bracket to the kayak. If you use the right adhesive, this construction should stick for a very long time.

The weight of the bracket is only half a kilogram, so that the overall weight of the kayak is not particularly affected! Since some hobbies are blind, it has to be mentioned: if you intend to ventilate your inflatable kayak after use, you should be careful here.

Although you can disconnect the chunkier fishing bracket yourself and only the small glued-on docking point remains, the material of the inflatable kayak could suffer. Therefore, it is recommended that the kayak is fully inflated with this bracket.

However, if you bleed your kayak again after use, you should be aware that this fishing bracket could damage the surface material of the inflatable kayak over time.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #3

  • Good solution for inflatable kayaks without a suitable place for a fishing bracket.
  • Light weight.
  • Interesting fastening method.


  • Could damage the surface material of the inflatable kayak.

Railblaza 04402011 Rod holder II Star Port Set Black

RailblazaInflatable kayak rod holder II Star Port

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The Railblaza rod holder makes a solid impression at first glance. This model is a flexible and practical rod holder for inflatable kayak. So that the rod cannot fall out, it is a rotating collar.

So that the rod points firmly in the direction that you have chosen yourself and does not move back and forth unnecessarily, there is a small special lock at the back that should prevent this. The holder can be swiveled horizontally by 360 ° and vertically by 90 °.

In the comments, verified buyers praise that the fishing bracket is attached to the inflatable kayak fairly quickly.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #4

  • Can be swiveled through 360 °.
  • StarPort attachment set is included.
  • The holder is available in two different colors (black or white).
  • Special closure.


  • Processing could be of higher quality.

FISHN rod holder double pack - fishing boat / boat rod holder - stable - easy handling and easily adjustable - 360 degrees - fishing rod - rod holder for fishing boat, fishing boat, boat (2X)

Fishingghost360 ° fishing rod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The manufacturer Fishing Ghost offers the angler two inflatable rod holders, which are also suitable for fishing inflatables , kayaks, fishing kayaks and so on. Attaching the brackets is child’s play, according to the manufacturer.

All you have to do is loosen the screw, put the fishing bracket on and screw it back in. The installation takes less than a minute. Thanks to the special thread, these fishing brackets can also be rotated through 360 °.

Satisfied buyers write in the comments that the price-performance ratio would be right. Negative reviews of the product reveal that the edges are sharp and could damage the rod itself.

advantages Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #5

  • You get two fishing brackets.
  • Thanks to the thread, it can be swiveled 360 °.
  • Fair price.
  • Fast assembly.


  • There must be a suitable location on the inflatable kayak for the fastening device.

Croch 2 x rod holder stable 360 ​​degree rotation easily adjustable for boat kayak

Croch2x inflatable rod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

The manufacturer Croch also offers the buyer a double pack. The set includes two fishing brackets, which are made of plastic. However, the screw clamps are made of metal and can be attached to the kayak quite quickly.

If your own inflatable kayak does not have a single place to attach the brackets, there may be a solution. If it is an inflatable kayak with an aluminum floor , you could put something stable in it and attach the rod holder to it.

Incidentally, the thread can be rotated 360 ° so that you can fish omnidirectionally. The brackets can be attached vertically and horizontally, so that you can do something even with a very special inflatable kayak design. Satisfied buyers write in the comments that the assembly is fairly quick and the rod holder has a high grip strength.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #5

  • You get two fishing brackets in one set.
  • Brackets can be attached vertically and horizontally.
  • Screw clamps are made of metal.
  • Thread can be swiveled through 360 °.


  • Not suitable for every inflatable kayak.

Docooler adjustable rail installation or installed directly on kayak & boat fishing pole holder

DocoolerRod holder

  • quality
  • price
  • Our rating

This fishing bracket is made of a special polymer material and is therefore particularly durable and environmentally friendly. The manufacturer advertises with a rather brisk installation on the kayak. Thanks to the rotating design, the angle can be freely adjusted (360 °).

The length is 24.6 cm, the diameter of the stick is 4.2 cm, the weight is only 402 grams and the package weight is 410 grams. In the comments, customers write that they are satisfied with the quality.

advantages – Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak #6

  • Durable material.
  • Quick installation.
  • Fair price.
  • Rotating design.


  • Processing could be of higher quality.

Guide For Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak?

If you are looking for a suitable inflatable kayak rod holder, it is not so easy to land a hit. After all, there is plenty of choice and as a layman you lose the overview very quickly.

As already mentioned in the introduction, the most important thing that a good inflatable kayak rod holder should offer is the grip strength. So if either the fishing rod constantly hops out or the holder itself cannot be firmly attached to the inflatable kayak, it is probably a bad buy. However, anyone who gets thorough information before making a decision will certainly make the right decision.

So what should you pay attention to?

  • Grip resistance: Before use in water you should test the inflatable fishing rod on land. If nothing moves while shaking and shaking and everything stays firmly in position, you can go on the adventure on the water.
  • Suitability: Not every inflatable kayak has a device for outboard motors. So you should attach the fishing bracket? If the kayak is not suitable for an inflatable fishing rod holder, it is of little use to buy one.
  • Processing: If the processing is already shaky at first glance and makes an overall negative impression, you can usually rely on it. After a quick glance at the poor rating of the product, you should continue clicking.
  • Price-performance ratio: Anyone who has already invested hundreds of euros in their beloved fishing equipment and lives out this hobby with body and soul should not save money at this point either. After all, a cheap inflatable rod holder simply doesn’t fit the rest of the equipment.


Glue On Rod Holder for Inflatable Kayak 2020 : A suitable inflatable rod holder can be found quickly if you have read in beforehand. If this grips firmly and this is confirmed in the reviews, you can make a purchase. However, if many people grumble about one and the same problem, it is probably better to look around for a different model.

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